Competition Schedule

Please see attached document for details of weapon control. For Men's Epee and Women's Sabre weapon control will be open from 0900 on Saturday 15th.

Please note that if you cannot make the designated times for submission of equipment to weapons control, every effort will be made to accommodate you.

It will help Weapons Control if equipment is submitted by the least number of people (team managers, captains or other officials) and at the earliest opportunity on the appropriate day. Weapons Control staff will work hard to ensure all equipment is checked in good time, but your cooperation with the schedule is appreciated.

Sunday - 16th November

0700 to 0900Weapon check for Womens Foil and Mens Sabre
0830Veteran Men's Epee
12:45Veteran Women's Sabre
Final series after Opening Ceremony

Monday - 17th November

0730 to 0900Weapon check for Womens Epee and Mens Foil
0830Veteran Women's Foil
0930Veteran Men's Sabre
1230Veteran Men's Epee Teams
1500Veteran Women's Sabre Teams
1530Veteran Men's Epee Teams Challenge

Tuesday - 18th November

0830Veteran Men's Foil
0830Veteran Women's Epee
1400Veteran Women's Foil Teams
1415Veteran Men's Sabre Teams
1715Veteran Women's Foil Teams (B)
1715Veteran Men's Sabre Teams (B)

Wednesday - 19th November

0940Veteran Men's Foil Teams
0940Veteran Women's Epee Teams
1245Veteran Men's Foil Teams (B)
1245Veteran Women's Epee Teams (B)
1830 for 1900Championship Dinner - Seamill Hydro Hotel - More information

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